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Removing your child from public School

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What to expect from us!

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Our Tuition 

We understand the financial challenges our parents face everyday, especially when they are pursuing the best for their children. Considering this, our suggested price is $25 per day. Our registration fee is $75 for online students and $100 for students attending our Brooklyn locations. This is a great opportunity for your beautiful child, and we wouldn't want them to miss out due to financial reasons. See Below! tuition rates :​

Our payment plans: 

Option 1 

  • One-time full payment of $5,000 due Tuesday, August 15th 2023, or the equivalent of the duration of months left in the calendar year multiplied by $500.

  • Option 1A Early Registration a one-time full payment of $4,500              (10% discount= ONE MONTH FREE!!!) if paid before August 1st 2023

Option 2 

  • A two-time payment plan, $2,500 due Tuesday, August 15th, 2023 and $2,500 Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Option 3 

  • A monthly payment plan of $500 with the first payment due Tuesday, August 15th, 2023, and the 15th of each month thereafter until June (Electronic withdrawal enrollment is required.)

Option 4 

  • If the suggested price is beyond your budget, SET YOUR OWN PRICE (SYOP)! This is subject to approval ​and you may be required to submit financial documentation to prove hardship. In addition, you will be required to volunteer. 

Family/Sibling Discount

When two or more children in the same family are enrolling in our institute at the same time we consider that to be an honor. We ask that parents pay $250 per additional child. 

Accepted forms of payment

  • Cash

  • Cash-app at                       $xyayxthemovement

  • Online via PayPal

  • Online via Zelle at

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