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Removing your child from public School

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The Virtual Student experience 

At The XyayX Virtual Institute, we offer the opportunity for students worldwide to engage in our program from the comfort of their own homes. Through our virtual platform, parents can enroll their child/ren as full-time students, joining a community of black students and families nationwide. Regardless of geographic location, our program provides a rich and inclusive learning experience that fosters growth, connection, and academic excellence. Join us at The XyayX Virtual Institute and unlock the potential of remote education for your child's success.

  • Virtual classes are available to students residing in the United States and select regions outside the country, ensuring access to our high-quality curriculum in an optimal learning environment.

  • Our online courses are conducted in real-time, allowing students to actively engage with instructors and peers for dynamic and interactive learning experiences.

  • The XyayX Virtual Institute has been providing remote educational services even prior to the challenges presented by COVID, offering a seamless and effective virtual learning experience.

  • Enrolling your child in our virtual program connects them with a nationwide network of black families who share the common goal of providing exceptional black-on-black education.

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