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Our Story

The XyayX Institute was born out of a deep concern for the persistent challenges that Black students face within the public school system. In 2016, with a humble beginning in a small room in Brownsville, Brooklyn NewYork, our founder

Quinton "QueButter" Spikner embarked on a mission to provide a transformative educational experience for Black students. Initially operating on a part-time basis, Quinton utilized Google Hangouts to connect with individuals from all across the country who shared his vision.

Starting with a small group of just six children, the XyayX Institute has experienced consistent growth in enrollment year after year. This growth is a testament to the impact and effectiveness of our approach to education. As word spread about our institute's commitment to empowering Black students and our dedication to academic excellence, more and more families sought out our programs and services.

Today, the XyayX Institute continues to expand its reach, providing a nurturing and inclusive learning environment to a growing number of students. We are proud of our journey and the positive impact we have made in the lives of countless Black students. Our story is one of resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication to breaking down barriers and ensuring educational opportunities for all black students.

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