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Student Handbook

Learn the responsibilities and expectations that come with being a student enrolled in our program!

Class Materials

Here you will find the list of materials needed throughout the semester!



Explore the expectations and responsibilities we have of parents with student enrolled in our program!


Everything you need to take on STEM throughout the semester is listed  here!



All of necessary documents for homeschooling can be found here.



Key to your academic success is the creation and  maintenance of your portfolio. 



Learn more about the strategies and tactics we will employ to defend our families from COVID-19.

Homeschooling documents

As a homeschool parent you are responsible for the maintenance of your child/ren's homeschool documents. Just like your child, we HIGHLY suggest that you create what we call a parent homeschool portfolio (PHP). Your portfolio, which should be in a 3 ring binder and separated by dividers will detail the many components in your child/ren's homeschooling journey. 

Most governing bodies require some “evidence” of learning for homeschooled children and your PHP would more than suffice in any district to illustrate what your child has learned, how it was accomplished, what resources were used and how much progress was made.


Mandatory items parents must maintain:

We have all heard of the many stories of parents being tormented by child welfare agencies, school districts, ACS and CPS, over documentation. Your parent homeschool portfolio's (PHP) primary goal is to make sure all governing bodies' “evidence” of learning requirements for children are met. Although we keep similar records we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that your PHP is maintained in a 3-ring binder and separated by dividers. 

1. Attendance Log keeps track of your child/ren's attendance, lateness and or absence on that specific day


2. Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP): 

Some states may require families to submit an IHIP. An IHIP will likely need to be submitted once a year, although the IHIP may require quarterly report cards to show a student’s progress throughout the year. The IHIP may include:

A syllabus of each subject, curriculum material, textbooks/ebooks to be used (including the name, publisher, and copyright date), a course’s scope and sequence of instruction, and student progress, percentage and score (this can be covered by a report card, Annual assessment information

NYC Template    XyayX template 

3. Quarterly Reports:  Details what your child covered throughout the semester. They are separated by subject and provide an assessment of your child's growth. 

4. Test and Assessments:  Keep a copy your child/ren's test and assessments in order by subject.

5. Project Reports, Lab Reports and Subject Summaries:  Keep a copy your child/rens reports and subject summaries in order by subject.

6. Special Projects:  Showcase your child/ren's best abilities and should be considered the highlight of your portfolio. 

7. Letters of Reference:  Each year your child/ren will develop professional relationships with individuals who have reputable careers. Acquiring letters of reference each year from the professional that interact with your child/ren's are great ways of showcasing their growth.

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