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Student Handbook

Learn the responsibilities and expectations that come with being a student enrolled in our program!

Class Materials

Here you will find the list of materials needed throughout the semester!



Explore the expectations and responsibilities we have of parents with student enrolled in our program!


Everything you need to take on STEM throughout the semester is listed  here!



All of necessary documents for homeschooling can be found here.



Key to your academic success is the creation and  maintenance of your portfolio. 



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Summative Portfolio


All students enrolled in the XyayX Institute you are required to maintain a Portfolio. A portfolio will showcase students' cumulative efforts over time as well as illustrate the depths of what students learned throughout the year. 

The maintenance, organization and details of students' portfolio are a major factor in how we will grade performance

Organizing student portfolios 

Setting up your child's portfolio must be done within the first week of the semester or of your enrollment into our institute. Three 1-inch binders should suffice to contain all of the material students will cover throughout the year. Separate each binder in the following sections with dividers and page labels (place at least four folders in each section of your binder)

  • Science - has 6 sections - Astronomy, Earth Science, Living Environment, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

  • Social Studies - has 6 sections Geography, World History, US History, Civics and Government, Economics, and Black Political Thought

  • Health - has 7 sections - Mental Health, Health, Nutrition, Situation Analysis, STD and Common Illnesses, Etiquette, and Finance  

  • English Language Arts (ELA) - has 3 sections. General E.L.A, IXL Prep, and  S.A.T Prep class

  • Math - has two sections- General Math class, IXL Math Prep 

Mandatory items to be included in portfolio:

1. Class Curriculum: The following subjects should have a printout of the class curriculum in the front of the section: Science, Social Studies and Health. 


2. Test and Assessments: All tests and assessments must be kept in a folder placed in the back of each section in student's binder. 

3. Field Trip Reports, Lab Reports, Project Reports: All reports must be kept in a folder titled Reports placed in the back of each section in student's binder.

4. Student's Artwork:  You will be assigned numerous art project in each class. All art projects must be kept in a folder titled: "(NAME OF CLASS) Art Projects" placed in the back of each section in student's binder

5.  Student's Subject Summative Summaries:  All Subject Summative Summaries must be kept in a folder titled Summaries placed in the back of each section in student's binder.

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