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Our Educational advisors

We are proud to have experienced and knowledgeable individuals as part of our esteemed staff at the XyayX Institute. Here are some more exceptional members of our team:

  • Nickoley Renville: Retired Principal with an impressive 25-year history in education, bringing extensive leadership and administrative experience to our institute.

  • Brother Robin: Master in Literature with 15 years of teaching experience, fostering a deep love for literature and language in our students.

  • Dr. Rahman: Mathematics Teacher specializing in renewable energy. With a strong background in mathematics and expertise in sustainable practices, he brings a unique perspective to our curriculum.

  • Professor Gray: Retired Principal from William E. Grady High School, with 20 years of teaching experience. His wealth of knowledge and leadership skills greatly benefit our institute.

  • LaTausha Empress Ned: Holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and has 15 years of experience in education. Her passion for political science and commitment to student success make her an invaluable member of our team.

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