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In our institute we have chosen to embrace Multiage grouping alongside a 2-year curriculum cycle, with a specific emphasis on cultivating an optimal learning environment for Black students. We firmly believe that by incorporating an Integrated curriculum and placing children with a minimum one-year age difference in the same classroom cohorts, we can maximize their learning potential and deliver a more customized educational journey.

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Within our Kindergarten - 1st grade, students actively participate in formative learning encounters designed to enhance social-emotional growth, ignite literacy, numeracy prowess, and hone critical thinking abilities. The primary emphasis centers on constructing a robust educational base intertwined with nurturing a genuine passion for the pursuit of knowledge.

During the 2nd - 3rd grade phase, students further advance their academic proficiencies while delving into a wider spectrum of subjects. Our curriculum nurtures self-reliant thought, cultivates adept problem-solving, and hones proficient communication. We actively motivate students to employ their acquired knowledge and abilities within real-world scenarios.

As students progress to the 4th - 5th grade, the curriculum becomes more comprehensive, covering core subjects such as language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Critical thinking, research skills, and project-based learning are emphasized to deepen students' understanding and encourage interdisciplinary connections.

Progressing into the 6th-7th grade, students embark on a middle school journey, immersing themselves in a realm of more specialized disciplines. The curriculum broadens its horizons, encompassing subjects such as history, geography, life sciences, and physical sciences. Through immersive hands-on experiments, research endeavors, and collaborative undertakings, students amplify their educational voyage.

Upon entering the 7th-8th grade, students persist in fortifying their fundamental knowledge and proficiencies, priming themselves for the challenges of high school. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to cultivate self-sufficient thought processes, analytical acumen, and adept problem-solving prowess. Particular focus is directed toward nurturing critical reading aptitude, honing writing efficacy, and refining research competencies.

During the 9th-10th grade phase, students initiate their high school expedition, venturing into a broader expanse of subjects and initiating the pursuit of their personal passions. The curriculum advances in complexity, aligning closely with collegiate and vocational preparedness benchmarks. A culture of critical thinking is nurtured, alongside the practice of analytical writing and the undertaking of thorough investigative studies.

Within our 11th - 12th Grade curriculum, students gear up for the challenges of college and career readiness. They are presented with a diverse array of advanced course options, encompassing honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes. The curriculum centers on comprehensive analysis, elevated research pursuits, and autonomous projects, catalyzing intellectual maturation and equipping students for their forthcoming undertakings.

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