Donate and Support

The XyayX Institute was created to provide educational services to Black and Latino people. We are in the process of obtaining 501c3 non-profit status and we have already begun tremendous works within Brownville and East New York communities through our educational programs. The XyayX Institute is one of the very few independent Non-for-profit organizations created by Black men in NYC solely to provide educational services and programs to develop their communities. 

We are inviting you to support The XyayX institutes efforts in providing dire educational services to black neighborhoods. We hope to raise $3500 via our first Go fund me campaign online with in the next two months and $20,000 over the next year. In addition we are seeking in-kind donation of Computers, Microscopes, telescope, will serve, as a much need tools to participants.

Your consideration is very much appreciated.  Thank you for helping us with the process redeveloping and enhancing our community by supporting our educational programs.