Our Brooklyn Location

Located in Brownsville, Brooklyn in the center of NYC and America's most densely Black populated areas is The XyayX Institute. Our location houses the only black owned independent educational facility in NYC. Students who enroll into our NYC program will be:

  • Provided an IXL account membership
  • Given a laptop or tablet for use throughout the school year.
  • Will enjoy learning in our hands-on STEM labs 
  • Will be provided 1-on-1 tutoring 
Students residing in NYC may apply to our Brooklyn location at any time. Students residing outside of NYC must apply as a virtual student. Tuition rates to enroll in The XyayX Institute Virtual Institute varies. Prospective students, both resident and non-resident, must be declared and properly documented home-schooled students within their school district.


Plan a Visit!

Words and pictures give you impressions of Anderson, but to fully appreciate it, you need to visit us in person! We invite you to visit The XyayX Institute NYC location. Spend the day—or even better—volunteer your time!


If you would like to visit Anderson University, please review our Admission Visit & Event Calendar and read below to select the option that best suits you!

If you have questions or would like more information, please call (646) 598- 8318.

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