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Core Subjects

Our core curriculium is designed to provid each student with a well rounded African cented education!



Each class we offer students enrolled in institute was carefully created and selected to ensure the proper development!

Assesments & portfolios

The process we take to asses each student is based on understanding their growth on an individual and holistic level!


Our goal is to provided each student to with a unique oppurtunity to explore the wonderworld of STEM!

Our Core Curriculum

We are committed to providing each student with a well-rounded educational experience. We offer a broad African-centered STEM- and Social Justice-based curriculum that suits the needs of all students, regardless of individual strengths and interests.  We have fantastic programming for high-ability students, students at grade level, and students with extensive academic needs.  We are extremely proud of our comprehensive curriculum below is a brief summary of our primary subjects:



Our science curriculum is aimed toward providing each student with a solid  Science. We work toward infusing our curriculum and instruction with the Science Practices, Core Ideas, and Crosscutting Concepts found in the Next Generation Science Standards. Our science courses include earth science, physical science, biology, chemistry, physics, and middle school life science. Students will learn about the earth's structure, plate tectonics, biology and genetics, biological history, scientific measurements, properties of matter, and the laws of science that control motion and energy.


Social Studies

Social studies aim to help young people make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world. Social studies courses cover U.S. History, World History, Government, and Economics. U.S. History and World History are also available for middle school students. U.S. History covers topics from European colonization to American history in the 21st Century. World History exposes students to ancient civilizations, the Middle Ages, and events from the modern world.

English Language Arts(ELA)

The objective of the ELA component is to provided each student with the tools and knowledge needed to communicate effectively. Our ELA curriculum is designed to teach each students the mastery of the principles of grammar, persuasive writing, technical writing, essays, and other formats. One of the major shifts of the Learning Standards is an emphasis on developing skills for comprehending and analyzing informational texts. The Learning Standards for English Language Arts call for a balance   of literary and informational texts. This balance is reflected in the standards, instruction, and in the texts selected for the Grades 3–8 tests.


The objective of the Math component of our Institute ensure every student should know and be able to do math from grades K-12

Our mathematics courses allow students to explore and discover algebraic principles on their own, before the lecture, and through Labs and Lab activities. Students follow along with the teacher as they solve each problem, with the teacher's notes displayed as they are written. Students model and solve real-world problems using algebra, functions, probability, and data analysis.


Our Health emphasizes developing positive, life-long, health-related attitudes and behaviors. Although these attitudes and behaviors begin in the home, the school, in partnership with local school boards and community agencies, can provide support and reinforcement for parents and families. The primary goal of health education in the state of Utah is to develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors essential to becoming health literate. A health-literate person understands the medically accurate principles of health promotion, and disease prevention and is able to apply the knowledge to personal attitudes and behaviors that support healthy living.

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