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It isn't about where you're from,
It's where your going that counts!
-ella fitzgerald-


About us

The XyayX Institute stands as a beacon of excellence as a black-owned and operated independent school exclusively dedicated to the education of black students. Our unwavering vision is to cultivate the next generation of exceptional minds within the black community. Nestled in the resilient neighborhood of Brownsville, our institute takes an African-centered approach, aligned with national standards, and seamlessly integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mechanics (STEM) into our curriculum. By doing so, we foster a powerful culture and climate that empowers black students and propels their advancement.

Drawing comparisons to the prestigious Tuskegee Institute founded by Booker T. Washington, The XyayX Institute places a strong emphasis on STEM education and social justice. As we embark on our fourth year of operation, with nearly 200 students nationwide, our curriculum remains deeply rooted in African-centered ideologies, championing the principles of Marcus Garvey, the Black Panthers, and Elijah Muhammad. We prioritize self-sufficiency, Pan-Africanism, and black empowerment in every aspect of our educational journey.

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