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 The XyayX Institute is one of the few black-owned and operated independent schools created exclusively for black students. The XyayX Institute's vision is to provide strategic lifelong education that fosters the development of critical thinkers who are ready to lead their communities to prosperity.


Located in Brownsville “Never Ran, Never Will” Brooklyn, the XyayX Institute is African-centered, aligned with national standards, and focuses on integrating Science Technology, Engineering, and Mechanics into the curriculum and creating a strong culture and climate that will precipitate black empowerment. The researchers over at have concluded that “As of 2021, the STEM workforce was only 9% African American.”  

The Xyayx Institute stands almost alone on this front to expose young Afrikans to the field of STEM. Composed of an international community of Black learners, including students, elders, college students, activists, parents, and staff, the XyayX Institute is dedicated to providing an academically rigorous and culturally nurturing learning experience that pushes black students, through a revolutionary praxis, to reach their full potential. 

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