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Teachers Tech

Explore a variety of teaching tools to enhance the learning experience. Familiarize yourself with platforms like Zoom, Google Classroom, Gradelink, IXL, and Cahoot to create dynamic and interactive lessons.


Utilize Gradelink to manage student records, attendance, and grading. Timely and accurate updates ensure students and parents have a clear understanding of academic progress.

  • Effectively manage student records, attendance, and grading through Gradelink.

  • Provide timely and constructive feedback on assignments and assessments.

  • Ensure that students and parents have access to accurate and up-to-date academic information.

Your responsibilities with Gradelink 

  • Add all assignments to Gradelink, keeping parents and students informed about upcoming tasks and deadlines for a well-structured learning experience.

  • Connect your Gradelink account with your class's Google Classroom to streamline information sharing and create a seamless learning environment for students.

  • Enter grades and comments into Gradelink every two weeks, offering parents and students a comprehensive understanding of academic performance and areas for improvement.

  • Keep track of attendance records within Gradelink, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information on students' presence and engagement in the virtual classroom.

  • Provide timely and constructive feedback on assignments through Gradelink, offering valuable insights to students and parents to support continuous improvement.

  • Utilize Gradelink to generate and distribute progress reports, giving parents a comprehensive overview of their child's academic journey and achievements.

  • Regularly update Gradelink with relevant announcements, resources, and materials, keeping students and parents well-informed and engaged in the learning process.

  • Maintain the integrity of data in Gradelink by ensuring accurate and up-to-date information, contributing to efficient record-keeping and communication.


Harness the power of virtual classrooms through Zoom, facilitating real-time interaction, discussions, and lectures. Ensure a conducive virtual environment for effective online learning.

  • Strive to maintain an engaged virtual classroom environment by keeping your camera on during your teaching sessions, promoting a sense of connection and interaction.

  • Before starting your lesson, ensure that you are designated as the host of the Zoom session, allowing you to manage the session effectively and guide the learning experience.

  • Verify the presence of both an assigned dean and a co-host in the Zoom session to ensure a safe and monitored learning environment for all participants.

  • To ensure smooth class proceedings, avoid designating students as hosts during the session, preserving the established teaching structure.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Zoom manual to develop a solid grasp of its fundamental operations, empowering you to navigate the platform confidently and troubleshoot if needed.

  • Enhance the learning experience by positioning yourself in a well-lit area with minimal background noise, creating an atmosphere conducive to focused learning.

  • Consider plugging your computer into an Ethernet connection if available, ensuring stable and uninterrupted internet connectivity for a seamless virtual classroom experience.

  • Prior to sharing your screen, have your videos, slides, or other teaching materials ready, facilitating a smooth transition and effective visual aids.

  • Uphold the institute's standards by refraining from showing nudity or sharing any profane media during the Zoom session, maintaining a professional and respectful atmosphere.

  • Demonstrate ethical behavior and maintain the dignity of the learning environment, fostering an inclusive and positive atmosphere for all participants.

  • Utilize features such as breakout rooms, screen sharing, and interactive polls to facilitate engaging discussions and activities.


Leverage IXL's comprehensive resources for personalized learning. Assign relevant exercises to reinforce concepts and track individual student growth.

  • Ensure that assignments on IXL are promptly posted on both Google Classroom and Gradelink, facilitating a smooth learning experience for students and parents.

  • If utilizing IXL for teaching, create an organized Google Slides presentation with dated and titled pages, featuring screenshots of relevant examples used during lessons.

  • Encourage students to complete IXL modules within 20 minutes, fostering a focused and time-effective approach to learning.

  • If a module takes students more than 40 minutes to complete, identify subjects where they are struggling and provide additional support to help them improve.

  • Request that students upload screenshots of their completed IXL modules to validate their progress and ensure accountability in their learning journey.

  • Utilize IXL for targeted practice by copying specific questions directly into a Google Slides presentation, offering students clear guidance on the questions to address.

  • Tailor IXL assignments to address each student's learning needs and progress, fostering personalized growth and development in ELA and Math.

  • Continuously monitor student engagement and progress on IXL, providing timely feedback and support to enhance their learning outcomes.

  • Integrate IXL assignments seamlessly into the broader curriculum, aligning them with the institute's educational goals and objectives.

  • Ensure your own proficiency in utilizing IXL effectively for teaching, and troubleshooting technical issues to maintain a seamless virtual learning experience.

Google Classroom

Create an organized digital learning space with Google Classroom. Distribute assignments, provide feedback, and facilitate discussions in a user-friendly platform.

  • Thoroughly ensure that all students are accurately enrolled in your Google Classroom, providing them with access to essential course materials and updates.

  •  When necessary, add students' parents to the Google Classroom to facilitate their engagement and awareness of their child's academic progress.

  • Grant deans administrative privileges in the Google Classroom to ensure effective oversight and coordination of the learning environment.

  • Consistently post assignments on Google Classroom at least three days ahead of the designated due date, giving students ample time for preparation and completion.

  • Include comprehensive teaching materials alongside assignments, ensuring students have all the necessary resources to understand and complete tasks.

  • Regularly review all student work submitted through Google Classroom, providing valuable feedback and guidance to foster their learning and growth.

  • Enter grades for assignments no later than two weeks after students submit their work, enabling timely evaluation and transparent communication of progress.

  • Monitor students' assignment completion closely, and if a student accumulates more than four missed assignments, promptly notify both the dean and the parent.

  • Utilize Google Classroom's communication features to engage with students, answer questions, and provide clarifications, fostering a collaborative virtual learning environment.

  • Maintain proficiency in using Google Classroom tools, addressing technical issues promptly to ensure a smooth and productive learning experience for all students.

  • Distribute assignments, resources, and announcements in a user-friendly format.

  • Foster collaboration among students through discussion boards and group projects.

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