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Our Virtual Institute


The XyayX virtual institute allows students worldwide to participate in our program remotely. Parents can enroll their child/ren into our program as full-time students. 

  • Virtual classes are offered to any student living in the United States and (some regions outside of the US.) With our virtual classes, students receive the best curriculum while learning in the right environment.
  • Our Online courses are in real-time
  • We offered remote educational services prior to the circumstances presented by COVID.
  • Your child will be a part of a nationwide network of black families who are actively seeking to provide their children with an exceptional black-on-black education.

What To Expect.

Following the tutorial and orientation after enrollment, students taking online classes will go to the website provided by the XyayX Institute enrollment coordinator who issues a user name and password to access The welcome package. The XyayX Institute welcome package comes with the student handbook, the parent handbook, the supply, and materials list needed for the year, Our covid policy, and the user name and password for

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